Catch Her Groove

Ryga (LAT) - Catch Her Groove

Release 2017/10/20
RYGA is the most provocative band from the Baltic states, capital city of Latvia. An enormous charge of energy combined with shock therapy born in a dramatic environment, they are bringing the sound of electronic and dance music with a true punk attitude. RYGA is rebellious loud and with character, they have been shocking the audience by bringing popular but awkward topics and sounds and discussing them straight ahead, without lies or frilling. Their debut album "Catch Her Groove" came out in June 2017 and and they have been in the selection stage for the nomination "The Best Dance Recording" of the most prestigious US music award-- the Grammy.


01Catch Her Groove
02Merry Christmas
03Black Friday
04Kill Myself
05Give Me Your Love
08I Break Your Heart
09Last Trip
11Say You Love Me Now
12Bunny Munro Walts Outro