Self Deception

Volfram (SAU) - Self Deception

Release 2023/09/01
Groundbreaking all-Saudi Arabian band Volfram is ready to rock your world. With their fusion of heavy metal and hard rock, this trailblazing group is breaking barriers and captivating audiences everywhere.
Formed in 2018, Volfram wasted no time making their mark. Their eight-track album, released in March 2023, delivers an authentic and truth-infused musical experience like no other. From thunderous riffs to gripping vocals, Volfram's unique sound leaves a lasting impression.
Having already performed at The WWE in Saudi Arabia, Volfram's electrifying stage presence and raw energy are impossible to ignore. Influenced by legends like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and thrash metal icons Megadeth, Volfram aims to redefine rock music.
Volfram's "No name" is an explosive album born from the belief that rock has lost its voice, with Saudi Arabia standing as the most unlikely stage for its resurrection. Each track in this collection carries a profound element of truth, fearlessly exploring the challenges and triumphs of our modern world.
From the haunting anthem "Self Deception", shedding light on the opioid pandemic, to the fiery call-to-action of "The World Is On Fire," inspired by the pandemic, wars, and corruption, we embark on a journey that knows no bounds. Each track brings something new: "Konigreich" celebrates Saudi Arabia's 2030 vision, "MGTOW" sympathizes with men forging their own paths, and,"No name" exposes the ravages of psychiatric medications on a tormented soul. Created from the struggle of Saudi artists, this album marks our triumphant emergence and a resounding declaration that rock will never die. Prepare to be swept away by the bold narratives, unfiltered truth, and undeniable power of "No name".
With their motto "Time to rock the desert," this all-Saudi Arabian band invites you on a thrilling musical journey. Get ready to embrace their passion, power, and truth as they set the stage on fire.


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