Planet Of Love

Nutronixx (DE) - Planet Of Love

Release 2021/03/26
Nutronixx is the solo project of Ronny Schreinzer, lead singer of the German electronic pop pioneers The Twins, who conquered the German and international charts in the 1980s with hits like "Ballet Dancer", "Love in the Dark" and "Love System".

Under the name Nutronixx Ronny presents the album Planet Of Love including 13 songs, which cannot deny a close proximity to the well-known Twins hits, but still build a bridge to current music styles and listening habits. The production time took several years, because Ronny did not want to expose himself to the usual pressure of release dates and marketing strategies. His plan was to release the album only when everything fits together perfectly and that over more than 60 minutes a listening experience without filler material would be guaranteed. It was due to this claim to perfection that the mixing and mastering of the album alone took almost a whole year. In the end, the listener experiences a world of sound with audible precision and attention to detail.

All vocals and instruments were recorded by Ronny himself. Catchy melodies with a high recognition value and hit potential, driving danceable rhythms, modern grooves and up-tempo songs are present as well as soulful ballads and love songs. In addition, you can hear Ronny's distinctive voice and lyrics, which here and there also show a little irony. In the lyrics Ronny uses his own views and life experiences and he knows how to perform them sensitively and convincingly.


01Planet Of Love (4:51)
02Heart On The Ru (3:42)
03Love Me Or Leave Me (4:36)
04Waiting For A Miracle (5:21)
05Another Life (4:03)
06Storm In My Heart (6:17)
07Mad In Love (3:55)
08Wish We Were Lovers (4:15)
09Resurrection (4:42)
10The Return 2.0 (4:38)
11Miss Coraline (4:45)
12World On Fire (4:36)
13It Was Only Yesterday (7:26)