Dead White Man

dwm (DE) - Dead White Man

Release 2019/11/08
When trying to describe the incomprehensible, first imagine you're lost. After wandering for some time, only to end up even more astray, you meet a guy with a guitar, introducing himself as dead white man. When asked for directions, dead white man blows three smoke rings, hands you a cup of warm tea and plays a song. All at once a captivating setting invites you to join and listen to the fine tunes: every detail is significant. Every syllable sung, every string plucked bears meaning. Varying timbres in voice and guitar, articulation and agogic design harmonise with the enigmatic, playful themes of the lyrics. This creation combines utmost tension and moments of melancholy you will not escape from. Inevitably you abandon the attempt to comprehend the indescribable, realising: never have you felt so comfortably lost. The cup of tea remains untouched.


01One Moment
03A Song Of Loss
04Five. Four