Been Here Before

Lizette & (SWE) - Been Here Before

Release 2018/10/26
We present to you the Second single, "Been Here Before", from Swedish Alternative Rockers
Lizette &. Groovier in style but still very much Lizette &. An album should be a journey both in style and mood, from light to heavy. This one you can dance to... and as Lizette puts it;

"The song "Been Here Before" is such a fun song about an asshole - who just can't stand people doing better than him or who are so much happier than him - which is pretty much everybody. We made the song and the video the way that it is - because when U start to take Urself to freaking seriously - U will become the asshole the song is about. No one is born an asshole, U are groomed into one - so let's not become the asshole who points out how flawed and bad the rest of the worlds inhabitants are - let's just have a laugh and a beer and let everybody be flawed and wonderful." //
Lizette Von Panajott. October 2018

Lizette & is a Swedish Alternative/electro/industrial rock band that saw the light of day 2003 with their first release "This Is". Later followed by "Just Smile" 2012 and "Artificial Me" 2014. 2016 the band released a live album titled "Live". November 2nd the brand-new album "Ignite" is released worldwide. Lizette & has been nominated 3 consecutive years in Sweden's premier people's choice awards called Rockbjörnen (Best New Act, Best Hard Rock/Metal and Best Live Act) and have toured Sweden numerous times and gained reputation as a powerful live act. Last year they performed their own version of Motörheads Ace of Spades with no other than Mikkey Dee behind the drums at the Malmö Festival. With "Ignite" the band is now focusing energy outside of Sweden with Germany first in sight and we can tell you that the band is super excited to come play in Germany for new and old fans.


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